LiFEDATA Joins Samsung Forum 2014 in Bali, Indonesia

Thursday, December 10th, 2015

Lifedata CEO Malou S. Florendo recently took part in the teambuilding session of Samsung last February 22-23, 2014 held at Bali, Indonesia. The tech giant from South Korea has ranked eighth among the world’s top 100 brands for 2013. Showcased at the Samsung Forum were upcoming products as well as insights on the direction the company is heading for the rest of the year. Unveiled were exciting new consumer products for the Asian market like the world’s first curved UHD (Ultra High Definition) TV that’s touted to drive a new wave of change in the TV industry, the PRO series of Galaxy Note Tab and the Galaxy Camera 2. Next in line were equally exciting home appliances such as ovens, aircons and washing machines which you can control with an Android or iOS app. The prospects are indeed bright for Lifedata Systems as it becomes one of Samsung’s business partners in delivering innovative technologies for its customers.

Trooper that she is, Ms. Malu Florendo also joined the Samsung group in exploring Bali’s breathtaking beauty through various activities such as trekking in the rice terraces which was “painfully fun” and hiking to reach a restaurant in the middle of a rainforest! The mountain breeze was just right to cool everyone off and realize how the entire journey was “so worth the pain.” “Cupping the trip” was a taste of the famous Balinese beverage, Kopi Luwak, which happens to be the world’s most expensive coffee. The team had the chance to see live Civet cats from which the coffee beans are derived and subsequently briefed on the unusual process of making them. For Ms. Florendo, it was truly a rich discovery and an unforgettable experience, offering perhaps a glimpse of what lies ahead. Thank you, Samsung!

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