Announcing the debut of a bigger, stronger, sturdier, more reliable and more scalable Molave version of Lifedata Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Core and Health Information Platform.

Friday, November 4th, 2016

After eight years of serving it’s healthcare clients, last October 15, 2016, on its 8th anniversary,  LiFEDATA relaunched it’s multi-awarded flagship product, the “EMR” as an upgraded, more robust electronic health record platform.  The new upgraded version shall be known as the Health Information Platform
(HIP) Molave version, or simply MOLAVE.

Lifedata has been continuously growing, upgrading and updating it’s proprietary EMR Core and Health Information Platform. LiFEDATA’s EMR is compared to a tree that has matured and stood the test of time and forces of nature. It has consistently grown it’s user base of healthcare providers, doctors, and patients over time. It’s roots have deepened and strengthened it’s relationship with the healthcare  ecosystem it serves; and it’s branches bore more  fruits that presented more features and benefits to other end-users.  Thus, the Core has matured and expanded its services to the ecosystem of drugstores and pharmacies, specialty clinics, primary care and urgent care facilities, laboratories and diagmostic clinics, HMOs, hospitals, and recently, to schools and corporate offices.

With the availability of a more reliable, more scalable and highly secured Microsoft Azure Cloud, Lifedata’s HIP has been upgraded, restructured and updated to Molave in order to handle high availability consumer volume, market  demands and data analytics. It is positioned as a specialty third platform incorporating Cloud, Mobile Technology, Digital Media, Data Analytics and Healthcare I.T. as its main competencies.  With its partnership and residency in Microsoft Azure, Molave is now ready to expand its service to the entire healthcare ecosystem. It’s capacity is limitless, and with Microsoft’s name and technology, the infrastructure and backbone of Molave is now Internet-grade, scalable, fast, more secured and safe. Not only that with LiFEDATA’s crisp and clean front-end UI, intuitive functions and user-friendly process, together with commendable customer support, the Molave is sure to  delight and upgrade every LiFEDATA HIP customer experience.

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