The 22nd AHMOPI Annual Convention

Thursday, December 10th, 2015

Makati City – LiFEDATA Systems, Inc. headed by President and CEO Mrs. Malu Florendo participated in the22nd Association of Health Maintenance Organizations of the Philippines (AHMOPI) Annual Convention with this year’s theme, “Healthcare and You, Through AHMOPI: The Partnership” at Makati Medical Center last November 16.

Mrs. Florendo was one of the speakers wherein she presented the patient-centered EMR for HMOs which highlighted how LiFEDATA’s EMR can assist HMOs in managing their clients or patients. The schedule of affiliated doctors and those patients who have approved claims for the services requested can be easily traced since these are summarized in this EMR. Furthermore, HMO providers will easily monitor the status of the patients’ account whether active, de-activated or suspended upon walk-in or any request for service/s in a clinic or facility.

LiFEDATA handed over inserts and flyers to the participants, gave away free EMR Accounts and raffled iPads to the doctors who attended the program. “LiFEDATA Systems, Inc. is in partnership with Globe Business.”

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