Graphika Manila Conference on Creativity

Thursday, December 10th, 2015

LiFEDATA Systems,Inc. sent creative delegates to attend the most prestigious multimedia and graphic design event in the Philippines, Graphika Manila Conference on Creativity at the Philippine International Convention Center on February 9, 2013. This year’s speakers include James White, graphic artist and the one-man crew behind Signalnoise from Nova Scotia, Canada; Koto and Shin, toys and graphic designers of Devilrobots from Tokyo Japan; Armand Serrano, senior visual developer from Sony Pictures Animation; Jessica Walsh, art director, partner of New York-based studio Segmeister & Walsh and recognized by Computer Arts magazine’s as a “Top Rising Star in Design” ; Ryan Honey, executive director from Buck for motion graphics; and Benja Harley of Paperform for paper engineering; and Benjamin Seide, VFX Supervisor, from Pixomodo, who did the visual effects of Martin Scorseses’s film “Hugo” and HBO’s Game of Thrones

Graphika Manila is the biggest creative gathering in the Philippines, with close to 3000 attendees every year. As it celebrates its eighth year running, Graphika Manila once more brings together Manila’s creative minds to listen to inspiring stories and celebrate the works of the best multimedia and graphic designers from the Philippines and from around the globe. Simply put, it as a creative symposium with speakers from different fields of the creative arts. The conference focuses on the creative side of design rather than technology.

Creative Director Francis Henry Guanco comments, “Graphika Manila is a hotbed of creativity, and it has been influencing several multimedia and graphic designers since 2006. LiFEDATA has always been an innovative, ideation-fueled and creative-infused company and I’m sure the talented artists and designers from its burgeoning creative department were inspired by this year’s international crop of speakers to kickstart the company’s year of creativity and awesomeness.”

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