Globe Business, LiFEDATA elevate local Healthcare to the Cloud

Thursday, December 10th, 2015

HEALTHCARE DELIVERY GOES HIGH-TECH: Sealing the partnership for the ground-breaking Globe Business HealthCloud are, VP for Strategic Business Juan Carlos Medina and CEO Malu Simeon-Florendo from LiFEDATA with Globe President & CEO Ernest Cu, Globe Head of International and Business Markets Gil Genio and Globe Business Head Jesus Romero.

“It is a fully-integrated suite of applications stored in a cloud, so it is scalable and more affordable – thus, a healthcare provider such as a hospital or a health maintenance organization (HMO) need not invest in additional hardware and software. It also allows incorporation with existing systems,” describes LiFEDATA VP for Strategic Business Juan Carlos Medina, adding that the entire platform itself allows the provider to create specific value for the different players in the healthcare market which include doctors, patients, hospitals and HMO.

Globe Business Head of Enterprise Segments Grace Castillo outlined the concept of the HealthCloud, explaining that “at the core of the platform, there is the HealthCloud Doctor software for the physicians, HealthCloud Patient for those who will receive treatments and the HealthCloud HMO for the healthcare providers and HMO, all three interacting with each other. Each has the required data in order to serve the other two to ultimately enhance the experience of the patient.”

“For HealthCloud Doctor, the objective is to improve the practice of doctors by computerizing their entire patients’ records. Before, it used to be an electronic medical record or EMR. But since this is a platform, the HealthCloud Doctor has now become a 15-in-1 EMR which has 15 templates aside from the usual module, which has prescriptions and referrals among others, so it is a full-packed, full-featured EMR. And we keep on adding more specialties for upgrades.”

“On the other hand, the HealthCloud Patient is like a medical log book. It’s meant for patients to manage their personal data. It’s also the link of the users to their doctors, HMO’s as well as everything that their doctors share, and there is already a repository. Before, users are given health records and lose them, now it is in electronic form, and kept in the HealthCloud Patient. Aside from that, it is able to download apps like running, nutrition, biking and others. ”

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