About us

LiFEDATA Systems, Inc. is more than a comprehensive, creative, innovative and competent technology business. LiFEDATA is a team of individuals who are experts in the fields of Information Technology, Medicine, Healthcare and Business Processes. They commit their lives and dreams to work together towards building a system that secures every byte of a person's LiFE history through the application of highly advanced technology. Since 2008, these experts have dedicated their time, passion, effort, skills, resources and faith towards the fulfillment of their mission to serve humanity by guarding records, encrypting data, assuring the integrity of information; while innovating and designing better applications focused on creating and implementing solutions for the advancement of human life. LiFEDATA's Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Software was awarded "Groundbreaking Technology of the Year" for two consecutive years on 2008 and 2009 by the Department of Trade and Industry and CITEM at the E-Services Award. LiFEDATA EMR was also nominated at the Ambassador Alfredo M. Yao (A.M.Y) IP Innovation Award (IP Awards) of 2011.

On May 2010, the Philippine Medical Association (PMA) signed a MOA with LIFEDATA making it the only non-medical entity endorsed by the prestigious medical institution for the "standardization and computerization of clinical practices in the Philippines".

Founded in May 2008 by Maria Lorena S. Florendo, President and CEO, together with Dr. Angela Pilar M. Mendiola and Ian Sison, LiFEDATA is managed by dynamic men and women from diverse industries. Together, the team is committed in revolutionizing the healthcare industry and expanding its portfolio of products and services to lifestyle solutions that cater to food, hospitality, recreation, aesthetics, tourism, business and education sectors.


Our Philosophy

LiFEDATA is more than our business. It is our mission.

LiFE is a self-sustaining biological process. We believe it is a gift from God who allowed us to be conceived, to be born, to exist and to experience the essence of being a unique individual.

LiFE is a collection of experiences, of memories, of data. Data represents a group of qualitative and quantitative variables or attributes in a person's LiFE. We collect data in our memory. We organize, summarize, analyze, convert, process, transfer, report and store data. We secure data and preserve its integrity. We manage DATA because it is a valuable resource. It is significant, it is relevant... It represents LiFE itself.


& Vision


BE the software development company focused on creating and implementing solutions for the advancement of human life.

DELIVER software products and services that improve people's lives.

INNOVATE for efficient service and increased revenues, continue research, development and improvement of software systems and create new systems to cater to the needs of our businesses and growing clientele.


To set the standard for quality software system development in delivering comprehensive IT solutions to the world.

To be the global IT infrastructure for efficient service systems in growing business sectors.

Our Core Values










L is for Leadership

We strive for LEADERSHIP in all our undertakings in
pursuit of the highest standards of performance.


I is for Innovation

We believe that INNOVATION is key to our
organization's ability to adapt and sustain itself,
especially in today's changing environment.


F is for Functionality

We bring about utmost FUNCTIONALITY
of our products and services.


E is for Excellence

We aim for EXCELLENCE in service to ensure our
clients' continued patronage and loyalty.


D is for Due Respect

We give DUE RESPECT to our stakeholders' rights.


A is for Adherence

We value ADHERENCE to our rules of conduct.


T is for Teamwork

We focus on TEAMWORK to achieve our common goals.


A is for Advocacy

We commit to our ADVOCACY towards securing
people's lives with technology.


Our Skills

It is hard to find a company like LiFEDATA. It is a unique hub of people who are passionate and driven to achieve a common mission to create, nurture and serve. It is no wonder that the company is a magnet of the brightest minds, innovators and experts in their own specialties. It is a team headed by its visionary CEO who gave up the practice of Medicine to focus and accept the challenge of Health Informatics, a fairly new field in Medicine, in order to serve the industry through advanced information technology. Managed by experts in the fields of Medicine, I.T. and Health Informatics who are recognized pioneers in the Open Source community, LiFEDATA's group of team leaders and developers are well-guided and motivated to think outside of the box and to create applications that are focused to achieve the mission of serving not just a single community but a society deserving of a better patient care system and a better way of life.

Our team's competencies are enumerated below:

Technology Medicine Health Information Business Processes and Project Management
PHP Pediatrics HL7 Enterprise Information System (EIS)
MySQL OB-GYN Reference Information Model (RIM) Inventory
JAVA/J2ME General Practice/Family Medicine Clinical Document Architecture (CDA) Billing Collection
iOS IM:Pulmunology, Cardiology & Gastroenterology Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) POS and Philcare Card Technology
Android Oncology Lab Information System (LIS) Agile Development
CSS Urology / Nephrology Electronic Health Record (EHR) Deployment
Javascript General Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery EHR System Function Model
Ajax Diabetology & Endocrinology Hospital Information System (HIS)
Codeigniter Framework Dental Medicine HHS Certification (Health & Human Services, USA)
jQuery Rehabilitation / Sports / Orthopedics Certification Commission for Health Information Technology (CCHIT)
JSON Opthalmology Health Information Technology Standard Panel (HITSP)
Flash Neurology HIPAA
Apache Nutrition, Fitness and Wellness ICD-10 / ICD-9
Linux Emergency and Primary Care RVU
Domain Management Medical Technology


Integral to our business model, our corporate social responsibility dictates our moral consciousness in the advancement of technology and life. We are keenly aware that our solutions can and should provide philanthropic benefits on many levels. We strive to be a responsible company and to take an active role in each of local communities where we operate.


Our Clients

We worked together with these innovative companies. These relationships have allowed us to create a seamless integration of products and services with ongoing support to fully meet your specific needs and accommodate individual preferences.