LiFEDATA’s healthcare software development division has expanded through the years to address the need of the changing times. The company has engaged with leading medical specialists, premier health information managers, computer programming experts, IT infrastructure engineers, and other allied health professionals in the Philippines. Rigorous research, reviews, and client feedback transformed the Health Informatics Platform into a socially and medically relevant, evidence-based, physician-centric healthcare information management system – LiFEDATA Cloud, a testament to its undying mission to set a standard for quality software system development in the field of healthcare. LiFEDATA Systems, Inc. strictly complies with applicable laws regarding the use and disclosure of individually identifiable Health Information maintained for its clients. In particular, we comply with the provisions of Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 and the regulation promulgated ("HIPAA"). LiFEDATA executes and delivers any agreements with its hospitals, clinics, and projects to ensure compliance with the foregoing laws and regulations that protect patient health information.


LiFEDATA MD™ - Imagine a virtual office that takes care of paper processes, giving doctors less stress and more focus on patient care. A convenient, time-efficient, paperless way of clinic management and patient data record-keeping is LiFEDATA's new EMR System, aptly called LiFEDATA MD. The LiFEDATA MD is a computer-based digital representation of a patient's medical files that's specific to a physician, practice or organization. It's a record detailing a patient's personal profiles, past medical histories and diagnoses, past and current medical charts or doctor-patient encounters, and in some advanced versions, analyses of the patient's medical records and demographics. With LiFEDATA MD, paper processes such as scheduling, SOAP charting, prescription-writing, referral to labs, hospital admission and reports to other doctors are electronically created, making it standardized, fast and efficient. Even billing, collection and reporting summaries are also done electronically, resulting to minimal errors. With a clinical workstation and data repository, the LiFEDATA MD provides storage and access to encrypted patient health information. Retrieval of patient health information has never been this easy and convenient, especially useful in emergency situations. The flexibility of LiFEDATA MD allows doctors to choose from various templates available in the system. Through EMR exchange, LiFEDATA MD lets doctors enjoy a seamless process of endorsing patients to other doctors or for laboratory procedures while in consultation with the patient. Even medical certificates can now be prepared electronically. Doctors can quickly send billing to HMO reducing the chances of being denied for incomplete documentation. Doctors can also benefit from rewards points received from partner pharmacies. Overall, with less labor cost and space, the LiFEDATA MD is an efficient, modern and more organized approach for physicians to deliver personalized care and increased value to everyone. Benefits at a glance : Complete clinical documentation Organized schedule and appointments Advanced clinical decision support tool Here's what you get: Organized patient record Calendar and scheduling function Specialization templates available Medical certificate template Doctor's and nurse's notes Link to HMO billing and claims E-Prescription EMR Exchange - endorsements from one doctor to another


LiFEDATA Px™ - The chance of losing health records is now a thing of the past with LiFEDATA Px (Patient). The LiFEDATA Px is an electronic health information system that's meant for patients. It helps them store and organize personal health records and manage their health between visits to the doctor. It's a tool that can easily give emergency personnel vital information that's unique to each patient, such as the critical medical condition that the patient is being treated for. The system gives patients the ability to directly communicate with their doctors and allows them to have access to the patient's health records. This breaks down the barriers between patient and doctor, thereby providing a more personalized level of care. Moreover, the LiFEDATA Px can serve to support continuity of care for patients who receive services from multiple healthcare providers. Benefits at a glance : Readily available medical & medication history Search engine of HMO affiliated doctors in immediate area Conveniently receive lab results electronically Fast check-out of hospital Quickly check if procedure is covered by HMO health plan Here's what you get: Organized personal health record Scheduling function Easily check HMO utilization Convenient, easy, time-saving in managing appointments with doctor


LiFEDATA HP™ - Better coordination make for a better healthcare delivery. New technology makes this happen through LiFEDATA HP. The LiFEDATA HP is an electronic tool that helps revolutionize HMO processes from a full effort scheduling to an online scheduling and paperless submission by automating communication between patients, doctors, laboratories and the HMOs. Patients no longer need to line up in HMO offices to secure a Letter Of Authority (LOA) prior to consultation or for scheduling of necessary laboratory procedures, as these are already integrated into the LiFEDATA HP system. Laboratory results may also be conveniently uploaded into the system and relayed to the patient and concerned doctor for a quicker diagnosis. The LiFEDATA HP is designed to help HMO administrators and members improve procedures while giving convenience to members in a less costly process. The ICD 10 (International Classification of Diseases) system for diagnosis is also one of the features that can be found in the LiFEDATA HP, minimizing chances for HMO to deny billings sent by doctors to HMOs. Benefits at a glance : Automation of the HMO process involving patients, doctors and laboratories Documentation of each transaction of patients from consultation to laboratory tests Linked scheduling of consultation to laboratory tests Less paper in monitoring transactions of members Convenient, easy, time-saving in managing appointments Schedule efficiency in managing patient's schedule Less paper work in endorsing patients to doctors Easier tracking of patients' transactions Time and cost saving management of patients' schedule/appointments Here's what you get: Directory of HMO-accredited doctors with their specializations Directory of HMO-accredited hospitals, clinics and laboratories Linking of doctors with their respective hospital(s)/clinic(s) Schedule management of the doctors Electronic reception of appointment request from iPatient Appointments approval to be electronically sent to iMD Claims reception from iMD Claims approval to iMD Claims requirements received from iMD as attachments


LiFEDATA Lab™ - Better coordination make for a better healthcare delivery. New technology makes this happen through LiFEDATA HP. Benefits at a glance : Cut down patient waiting time and patient turn-around time Scales according to the needs of the diagnostic facility and change in technologies Enables centralization and integration of data and images Allows sharing of laboratory and radiology information to other providers and clients Ensure confidentiality and security of patient records Assures data accuracy Enables regulatory compliance (DOH) Optimize operational efficiency and productivity Seamless integration to other healthcare information systems Generate real-time analytics and reports Here's what you get: Server-based, cloud-based information system Multi-site/multi-lab control Client and provider database Computerized physician order entry Picture archiving communication system DICOM capable Radiology and laboratory information system Group/batch processing of requests, procedures, and diagnostic result Mobile laboratoty/radiology Barcoding and labelling Medical and consent forms Billing and accounting Reports


LiFEDATA Rx™ - Medication Management System (MMS) is a comprehensive system designed to address the dynamic needs of pharmacy departments. Benefits at a glance : Minimize time spent on redundant process flows and reentries Reduce clinical errors with intelligent reminders and notifications Allow easy access to pertinent patient medical records shared by providers such as allergy, current medications Ensure confidentiality and security of patient records Improve patient safety and compliance Enhance workflow efficiency and productivity Generate real-time analytics and reports Here's what you get: Server-based, cloud-based information system Customer and doctor’s database Promos, up selling and cross-selling of non-prescribed products Latest pharmaceutical database from FDA (as of 2013) Computerized physician order entry Advanced queuing system Compliance tracker E-prescription Barcoding technology Billing and accounting Clinical decision support system Seamless integration to other healthcare information systems Formulary Reports